Workstay / French Gite

Workstay / French Gite

Family of Fipsila members
Back row: Bill (Ironman), Melissa (Princess), Juliette (Angel), Catherine (Family)
Front row: Julien (Strength), Vincent (Love), Dimitri (Intelligence) 2010

After reading a bit about Who’s Catherine and Who’s Bill (below), contact Bill and Catherine for more information about a work stay and the French Gite at their farm … Le Blaziet.

The 150 year old 4700 square feet farmhouse is conveniently nestled in the gently rolling foothills of the Great Pyrenees mountains. Two hour drive to the Mediterranean, two hours to Andorra, three hours to quaint seaside Spanish towns and Barcelona, four hours to the Atlantic, two hours to Lourdes and famous Tour de France climbs such as the col du tourmalet. And so many more quaint villages within 50 kilometers of the farm not to mention a 45 minute drive to Toulouse, France the “pink city.”


Who’s Catherine?
Catherine Rueger is the proud mother of five children. She was born and raised in the Northern part of France. She came to the USA in December of 1987. After having a day care business for many years, she oriented herself toward massage therapy in 1998. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, the modalities she uses in her massage are: Myotherapy, Deep Tissue, Energy Work, Stretching and Range of Motion, and a touch of Swedish Massage.

She has been the care provider and nurse to 100’s of animals. As a Licensed Farmer in Southern France, she has been breeding Angora rabbits (to make garments), dogs, and sheep. Additionally, she has been boarding horses and ponies, she has been making farm fresh foods, and has been operating a Bed & Breakfast.

Catherine has been knitting, enjoying a healthy lifestyle preparing and eating farm fresh foods and bodybuilding since the 1970’s. Currently she spends her time in France and the USA with her family, animals, doing Therapeutic Massage and (of course) knitting.

Who’s Bill?

Ms. Jenkins. Late 1960s. Kindergarten. Bill says, “I remember like yesterday listening to her stories. She asked us to make stuff like animals, objects, and people. One time I made a fish. We told stories about what we made. I don’t remember the exact stories but I do remember being a little kid who was fascinated about all of this. Stories about people, places, and things would continue to fascinate me. Always. Everywhere. It’s laughable!

At school, at home, and at work I would be called the guy who loved people, travel, and exploration. I always had a story and always encouraged others to tell theirs. What I found was that no matter where I went, who I spoke with and listened to, and what I observed the point was that there is a common element in every person, every animal, every thing, and every where. What is it?”

It is life. Life. Growth. Change. Life is awesome. Life is good. Life is it. I became inspired to write about it, about life. Fipsila became the vehicle. People. Animals. Nature. Fipsila books are for children, teenagers, young adults, and adults. They are for native English speakers and those who speak English as a second language. Fipsila books, games, and services are all about the common thread that link us to each other. In every culture and in every person there is life.

 What’s your story?

Who’s Bill? Tough to define, right? Here’s the nickel tour … Bill has been an educator, coach, and public speaker in different settings in Belize, Guatemala, Peru, France, and the USA. He has taught and spoken in the public and private sectors. He has facilitated the learning process with people age eight to age seventy-six, including Guatemalan children and adults in Corporate America and France.

Bill is grateful. He looks around and says: “Is this amazing or what?” He has had many influential role models over the years.

Bill is an accomplished triathlete: more than one hundred running, biking swimming, and triathlon events including eight Ironmans. He has a personal best (triathlon) of 1:00.29 at the Sprint distance and 10:34.46 at the Ironman distance.

Bill has been living on three continents. He enjoys family, friends and being fit. Contact: USA (011) 480-980-1311; Facebook: